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DoodleFina Contest Rules

DoodleFina Adventure Press is excited to offer a writing and illustrating contest to all children who wish to enter.

All you have to do is submit a story that you’ve written and illustrated. The story can be as long or short as you wish and about any subject you wish. The story has to be yours though. Don’t get any help from parent, siblings ect. If you haven’t learned to write yet then you can have a grown up write down your story for you but the story and the drawings must be yours. The deadlines, age limits ect are listed in the rules.

We encourage you to really dig into your imaginations! We here at DoodleFina are SUPER excited to read your stories because we believe there are writers in our community that are just waiting to be discovered! Be creative and most of all HAVE FUN!

Contest is open to all children ages 4-12 and all individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of age.

There will be four stories chosen at the end of each Quarter (March, June, Sept and Dec.), one in each of the following categories:

    • Ages 4-5
    • Ages 6-8
    • Ages 9-10
    • All ages with D/D

  • One entry per child- per quarter
  • Story must be completely composed and illustrated by the child. Parents can write the story down for younger or D/D individuals.
  • Upon entry parents agree to have their child’s image, story and illustrations shared on all DoodleFina social media sites and/or all avenues of advertisement that is in direct relation to children’s books, including but not limited to newspaper articles, radio and podcast interviews.
  • All children will retain any rights to their stories and illustrations. DoodleFina will in no way promote stories as a Doodlefina production. Stories and illustrations will be promoted as that child’s work so as to promote creativity and encourage confidence.
  • Deadline to submit will be on the 15th of March, June, and September, 2023.  The exception will be the final quarter of the year. Deadline to submit in November will be the 1st so as to allow time to have books printed for winners.
  • Prizes for each category each quarter are a DoodleFina T-shirt, a signed copy of the newest book released by DoodleFina and 2 copies of the child’s story professionally bound in book form.
  • There will be an extra prize awarded in December. The most popular book of the whole year will receive 5 copies of their book to give as holiday gifts along with the T-shirt and signed book.
  • The contest will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and the Website with instructions on how to submit your entry.
  • We hope the kids all have fun, let their imaginations go nuts. These are for fun, creativity and confidence.

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