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A big, big “thank you!”

The DoodleFina team wants to thank all of you, first and foremost, for all of your support, encouragement and patronage. Without which our books would not be possible. It is the goal of our company to bring grown-ups and kids together to laugh, be silly and maybe find a little lesson in each book! We want children, of all ages, to realize that their dreams are not constricted by their location, education or financial limits. The future of their dreams is only limited by their determination to fulfill them. Please join us in bringing smiles to children, in encouraging silliness and imagination. We expect it to be an amazing adventure, and we KNOW it would be better if you all were along for the trip!

MY BROTHER IS YUCKY! Made its debut in late July. Renee and Hollie have been so overwhelmed at the response from the readers and their grown-ups. Weʼve gotten some great pics and reviews letting us know that the book did, in fact, trigger giggles, which was, of course, our goal! Weʼve had ewwʼs too though. I mean, letʼs face it, thereʼs BOOGIES, MUDD, AND CREEPY CRAWLIES! If you havenʼt read it yet you donʼt want to miss out. There is NOTHING better than a good giggle with your little!

Tyrrell County Library

Tyrrell County Library

On Thursday August 11, 2022 Hollie and Renee are honored to be guests at the Tyrrell County Library. Renee will read MY BROTHER IS YUCKY! To the kiddos and have a quick question and answer with them. Hollie will have a great time making frogs with the kids.  Before leaving Hollie and Renee will donate a copy of MY BROTHER IS YUCKY! To the library in the hopes that children will continue to enjoy the book and giggle a bit at all the YUCKY STUFF inside.

Newsletter kids coloring book


Hey Kiddos!!! Do you have a great imagination? Sure you do!! Do you like to tell fun stories? We bet you do! How about draw? Color? Paint? Bet youʼre great!!! We believe YOU can be an author or an illustrator….OR BOTH! So write us a story, draw us pictures to go with your story and submit them to  Every quarter, beginning March 31, 2023, we will choose one entry. The author/illustrator of that entry will get an early reader basket with all kinds of goodies and a special featured article in our newsletter to be distributed to all of our customers and business supporters!


In December of 2023 we will choose one of those stories to be professionally bound in paperback form! The new author/illustrator will receive 5 copies of their book!

Regardless of who wins you’re all amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! Now get busy writing your story!

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