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My Brother Is Yucky!

Awbry wants a sister. But all she has is a yucky old brother! Brody plays in the dirt and with wiggly bugs! Ewww! Brody absolutely will not play dress-up or play with dolls or anything else that is fun. There has to be something that can be done about that yucky old Brody!

..."I think this is a must-read for all siblings!"

- J. Megan Crawford

Assistant Librarian, Tyrrell County Public Library
"Thank you, Renee Hodges for writing something that my book-loving kid loves and making us giggle."

- Hannah C.

Renee Hodges DoodleFina Adventure Press

Renee Hodges


Renee was born and raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She’s proud to be from a long line of commercial fishermen and some of the first Coast Guardsmen of the OBX, from both the Scarborough and Beacham sides of her family. Since she was very young she’s found adventures in books and stories. Reading is still one of her greatest joys. She loved telling her four boys all kinds of stories and they have encouraged her to share them. Her hope is that her books will inspire young imaginations, provide a few giggles and inspire a joy for books.

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book."

Hollie Lynn-Hewitt DoodleFina Adventure Press

Hollie Lynn Hewitt


Hollie Lynn Hewitt is a native of Creswell NC and has a passion for all animals but especially those that need rescue and her home is full of the fur babies that she either has rescued or is fostering. She has actively volunteered for the Red Wolf Coalition and it holds a special place in her heart. Hollie shared a love of art from a young age with her older sister, Ashley, and is locally known for her art. She loves the medium of animation and anime and is looking forward to illustrating the books in the DoodleFina collection. Hollie believes in being your own person and being true to yourself, as well as expressing love for your passions. She is excited to bring her art to a young audience and looks forward to sharing her talent with them. Hollie has a favorite quote and it’s one she’s chosen to live by and encourages others to do the same “whatever you imagine can come true” by Artist Wendy Moten on the album The Pagemaster.

See more of Hollie’s amazing artwork and capabilities on her website!

"Whatever you imagine can come true."- Wendy Moten, from the motion picture, "The Pagemaster".


(BEEEE on the lookout!)
Beatrice and her

The Beatrice Books!

We’re super excited to be working on our Beatrice series! She’s fun, silly, a little weird and ALWAYS up to something! Keep your ears tuned for all the buzz about each release!

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My Brother Is Yucky! by DoodleFina Adventure Press
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My Brother Is Yucky! by DoodleFina Adventure Press
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My Brother Is Yucky! by DoodleFina Adventure Press
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